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Note: Only 3 2 spots remaining in the June 2014 Midwest Inner King Training

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picture of Rich Tosi"I felt a safety and power at the Inner King Training that I never have felt before.

I recommend the Inner King Training whole-heartedly."

- Rich Tosi, New Warrior Founder, Former ManKind Project President

picture of Rich Tosi"The Inner King Training is the best training I've done since my New Warrior Training.

It moved me into a space where I could truly bless and be blessed."

- David Kaar, Certified New Warrior Leader, Former Chairman of the MKP board and Leader Certification Team

pictureMost Profound Effect...
"I have been in MKP for 13 years and the Inner King Training had the most profound personal effect on me after the NWTA. I highly recommend this for all initiated men."
- Bob Clark, San Diego

pictureSignificant, Deep Spiritual Work...
"At the Inner King Training I experienced a safe container, wise teachers who had wisdom and practical techniques, and processes for doing significant deep spiritual work." Blessings. 
- Mike Fallahay

pictureA Birthright...
"It is every man's divine birthright to feel King energy flow through him, so he can serve his Kingdom well. The Inner King Training will help you access that sovereign energy."
Glenn Cunningham

What Men Get from the 'Inner King Training'

The Inner King Training is a highly facilitated and structured four-day experience which initiates you into your King Archetype through:

- The Power of the Shadow. At the Inner King Training you will discover how use the energy in your shadow to give you wisdom and to energize every area of your life. You'll discover how to safely get the "juice" out of your shadow to carry you to the life you want.

- The Power of True Blessing. For most of us, our blessing energy is tainted with judgment, condition, advice, or trying to look good. At the Inner King Training you will have the time and the facilitation to really dig in to discovering and living your true blessing for yourself, your family, your life, and your world.

- Discovering How to Choose how You Love. We all carry our wounds as ways of loving, connecting with, or trying to fix people from our past. We have a hard time letting go of these wounds because doing so would seem like we weren't loving. You will leave the Inner King Training knowing how to love people without carrying their pain. 

- The Power of Death. Death is one of the biggest events in a person's life, but we rarely have time to think about it and never get to practice dying. At the Inner King Training you will confront the fact of your own death in a thorough, ritual fashion, and leave the training free to live your life with the blessings of death at your service.

- The Power of Time. The Inner King Training takes place over four days, from Thursday at noon to the following Sunday at 1pm. It is a thorough, experiential initiation into the King Archetype. Such a complete and personal training is not available anywhere else.

pictureGentle and Powerful...
"The Inner King Training led me gently and powerfully to my authentic self. Thank you, Tom and Dmitri."

John Morris

pictureWholeness, Power, Purpose...
"The Inner King Training helped me grow into and accept my wholeness, my power, my innocence, and the purpose I'm here to accomplish."
- Simon McCain

pictureBiggest Piece of Work Done...
"At the Inner King Training I got the biggest piece of work done in all my MKP training experience. Thanks and bless you all!"
Andres J. Rigoli

pictureMy Compass and Anchor...
"I have the sense that my Inner King Training is the compass that will give direction to my life and an anchor from which I can ground my personal growth.
John Hartle

pictureThe Blessing of Being Who I Am...
"At the Inner King Training I experienced the blessing of being who I am and doing what I came here to do -- not because it makes me feel good or even that it makes others feel good, but simply because it is who I am and what I do. Much gratitude."

- Lightning Bear

Get Your Free Six-Lesson "Online Mini Course" to Find Out All About It

We've put the core teachings of the Inner King Training into an online mini-course called "Crowning your Inner King."

You'll actually get to experience the 6 core benefits of the Inner King Training from this six-lesson mini-course, in a way you can use in your life... plus it will help you decide if the Inner King Training is for you.

In this audio and text mini-course you'll discover...

- How to Increase Your Energy By Taking Power From Your Shadows. Discover exactly how to turn your inner criticism and negative self-talk into positive energy you can use as an inexhaustible source of power and motivation in your life.

- How to Stop Loving Painfully, And Start Loving Joyfully. Do you have issues that keep repeating in your life, no matter how much you work on them? It may be you are holding on to that pain as a way of showing love for someone. Here's how to transform that "painful love" into pure joy.

- How to Use The "Power Of Death" To Really Live Your Life Fully. Find out how to use your awareness of death to be more "present" in your life -- without being depressed or morose.

- How to Live Each Moment With The Full Power Of Your Blessing Lineage. Open the floodgates to your blessing energy by taking your proper place in your blessing lineage.

- How to Experience Joy Effortlessly and Consistently by "Cleaning Up" Your Relationship With Your Highest Ideal. Human beings "project" onto each other -- but did you know you probably have both positive and negative qualities "projected" on your Higher Power, as well? You'll discover how to get to the blessing behind the projections.

- How to Live Your Mission More Effectively with Much Less Work. Every person has a "Doing Mission" and a "Being Mission" -- but most people only know about their "Doing Mission." Uncover your "Being Mission" and bring your deepest gifts to the world -- just by being yourself.

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  •  if you are a man who has heard about the Inner King Training from other graduates, but who has never had the opportunity to participate...

  • or if you are a man who can "just tell" that it's your time to really look at these issues in a competent, supportive environment...

  • or if you are an Inner King Training graduate who would like to review the training...
...then this is your chance.

pictureDeep and Impactful...
"The Inner King Training is a testament to the progress of Men's work over the last 30 years. The depth and impact I experienced will resonate into all my relationships."

- R. Taylor

pictureA Thing Of Beauty and Excellence...
"The Inner King Training is a unique opportunity to experiencing your true and sovereign self. I loved everything about it -- the leaders, the staff, the processes, the energy, the other men who were attracted to it, the time and the place. It is a thing of beauty and excellence."

- Jonathan Roderick

pictureDo this Training...
I don't know how a Warrior could NOT do this training.

The Inner King Training completes the circuit of Masculine Initation. I got a piece that was missing in the MKP/New Warrior. Reality and maturity has been brought in. Much needed!"

- Mark Silverman

A Life-Changing Experience in an Amazing Location

The 40th Inner King Training will take place June 12 June 15, 2014, at the Dekoven Center in Racine, WI.

The Dekoven Center is a beautiful, kingly location at which to experience the Inner King Training. And the Wisconsin summertime is usually quite beautiful. 

 (You may even want to come early or stay a few days afterwards to enjoy all the beauty this area has to offer.)

Taking The Training

By now you are probably wondering what all this costs. Actually, you need to know that you may not be eligible to come to the Inner King Training at this time.

The Inner King Training is an advanced training. On this training you'll delve deeply into issues of leadership, and honestly face deep, core shadows -- even your own death.

Of course, you'll also experience intense joy. ("An enhanced ability to feel joy" is one of the main benefits that men tell us they get from the training.) But the path to it can be intense.

So before you sign up, please ask yourself, "Am I ready for a life-changing initiatory experience? Have I done my 'pre-work?'" If you have not had some experience with intense personal process work, this is not the training for you at this time.

What It Costs
Tuition for the four-day Inner King Training is $1095. (That's about the same price, per activity hour, as the New Warrior Training.)

We believe that a man on a Kingly path should be "treated like a King." Therefore, men who come to the Inner King Training enjoy amenities like bedrooms with soft beds, and plenty of delicious, home-made, mostly organic food. The Decovan Center charges us for that, so there's a "room and board" cost of $325 for a single room.

That makes the total cost for the training $1420.

And, of course, the Inner King Training is completely guaranteed (less room and board). If it's not for you, we really don't want your money.

If you are a previous graduate and want to review the training, contact Tom or Dmitri (contact information below).

It's Filling Up Fast
The last Inner King Training filled up in FIVE DAYS. The one before that filled up three weeks in advance, and the one before that filled up an entire MONTH before the date of the training.

We have space for 16 men
(2 spots left) at the upcoming Inner King Training. If you think you want to come to this training, you probably should get your deposit in soon, or your space may be taken.

You can hold your space by making a $300 non-refundable deposit right now using a credit card by clicking the "Pay Now" button below.

Welcome! You'll be joining a Kingly Brotherhood of the more than 400 men who've done this training!

You'll be given travel logistics after you sign up.

You can also hold your space by sending a deposit check for $300, made out to "IKT," to:
PO Box 17341
Boulder, CO 80301

picture of
                                        Rich Tosi"The Inner King Training was one of the most powerful and generative experiences of my life."

- Mitch Saunders, Organizational Consultant; former project leader at MIT's Organizational Learning Lab; co-designer and facilitator of a gathering of world leaders that met with the Dalai Lama to address the conflict between China and Tibet

pictureTouched Inner Blessing...
"This training gave me a wonderful new set of tools for touching that part of me that can observe, accept, and bless."

- Gordon Adams

pictureAs Much Change As From NWTA...
"This training has changed me as much as the NWTA, but in a different way.

Tom and Dmitri are two of the most gifted facilitators I have encountered, and they keep it very simple
. They have stripped away everything that is superfluous. "

- Guthrie Sayen, "Listening Lion"

pictureMost Powerful Training...
"This was one of the most powerful trainings I've done in my life!

I really needed this and really want to share it with others -- the opportunities for transformation at the Inner King Training are amazing."

- Bob Vollinger

pictureFantastic Training...
"The Inner King Training is fantastic. I recommend it to any man (or woman!)."

- Pete Shipton

"This training is phenomenal, life-changing, and generally excellent. I am waiting for the sequel!

- Ken Rosenberg, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

pictureNever Felt More Joyful...
"At my time of life (I am 78), many of us are gripped by fear --  fear of the unknown, fear of separation from all we hold dear. 

The Inner King Training showed me that there is a way out, that I can make death my ally! I have never felt more joyful than I do now.

I express my Kingship through public speaking on forgiveness and reconciliation, and I mentor many men into the recognition that gold that resides within all of us.

The Inner King Training gave me a great gift, and it can do the same for you."

- Richard Weiner

Training Leaders
The Inner King Training is led by Tom Daly PhD, and Dmitri Bilgere.

Tom Daly has more than 35 years' experience as a leader and ritual initiator. He is the creator of the "Shadow Dance," a unique, joyous and fun way of getting the power from your shadows. An Inner King Training Co-founder, he has been running it since 1992.

Dmitri Bilgere was co-founder of Shadow Work Seminars, in 1989. The author of "Gateways to God" and "Beyond the Blame Game: Creating Compassion and Ending the Sex War in Your Life," he has been leading the Inner King Training since 1994.

These two men, along with a staff made up of previous graduates of the training, will be your guides through this initiatory experience.

If you have any questions or concerns before you invest in this training, we are here for you. Please feel free to contact us:

Tom Daly (303) 530-3337
Dmitri Bilgere (608) 217-4956

We look forward to seeing you at the Inner King Training.